Friday, June 12, 2009

Anne Lass

Anne Lass

Work from Geography of Nowhere.

"The project “Geography of Nowhere” was photographed in the United States, where I resided the past couple of years besides living in Germany. In my work, I try convert my personal impression of parts of the US- American living space into a panopticon of absent self-situatedness. It is the absence of any reference of place and the randomness of shown locations that conducts me to the paradox title Geography of Nowhere. In this geography, the viewer is left to the sense of a misanthropic and cold atmosphere, caused by the dictate of ever repeating functional arrangements in the landscape. Especially in the urban cityscapes, I find the conflict areas that influence my images: conflicts of functionalism and individual development, the association with nature, the concourse of construction and vastness and, last but not least, to human interaction." - Anne Lass

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