Saturday, July 3, 2010

Klea McKenna

Klea McKenna

Work from Slow Burn.

"Klea McKenna describes her series Slow Burn as "an ongoing series of experiments" in which each image reveals or teaches her something that leads her to the next. This approach—photography as a heuristic process, in which the "eureka" moment of one image pushes us forward toward new discoveries with every step—is ideally the foundation of any artistic practice to some degree or another. It can be a risky, but it can also be incredibly rewarding, for both the viewer and the artist. McKeeena's unique prints are made with homemade cameras or without any recording device at all (paper airplanes made out of photographic materials!). The work has its points of intersection with other artists, including Walead Beshty and Miroslav Tichy, while also seeming to represent a personal means of grappling with the inherent capacities of photographic materials and processes. The resulting work has a certain amount of rawness and tension to it—a quality much appreciated by this particular juror.
In reviewing the artists who have submitted and making this selection, I'm keenly reminded of how savvy the photo community has become as a whole—how much well-executed, carefully constructed, good work there is out there. What I find myself looking for, then, is the work that stands apart for its willingness to try to push a little bit against the expectations of "good." Not work that is different for the sake of difference, but work that takes risks; that reveals deeply held beliefs and interests in how a photograph works—or doesn't." - Lesley A. Martin via Hey Hot Shot.

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