Friday, July 23, 2010

Affiliati Peducci / Savini

Affiliati Peducci / Savini

Work from their oeuvre. Their exhibition is on until the end of the month at Galleria Rubin in Milan.

I find it appropriate to include the press release from their current exhibition, translated via google translate as it mirrors translations of classical sculptures in their works. Ironically, many of these busts recall the ephemeral and incorporeal avatars of second life, among other transient and temporary media.

"Rubin presents the first solo artist Milan Affiliates corbels / Savini. Among young contemporary sculptors and 'widespread use of poor materials or recycled. Corbels and Savini, on the contrary will be challenged with a noble and dignified as marble demonstrating technical knowledge and experience by virtuosos.

In relation to this choice on their path and 'exemplary graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, where is' done their meeting and is' born artistic partnership, they could increase their production by working on important projects abroad completed in part in their great studio in Carrara and partly to the destination.

Their research work comes from the extraordinary familiarity with the material condition and irony with the forms of sculptural tradition that is normally experienced. Classical busts, holy figures or purely ornamental, portraits.

This iconography, from the great masterpieces until the items' Run, is taken up and reworked with insight or humor to become a gallery of amazing improvisations on well-known themes: the Farnese Hercules in polystyrene, a pair of cherubs garden that seem wood burned up to more 'daring distortions arising from handling of the tires with which they are traced. Recently, we have sent more decisively in this direction by creating portraits that combine and integrate different parts of sculptures.

It 's a job that many evidence from contemporary artists, among which there is not only inappropriate, the phenomenon of' materials and forms, but also a certain satisfaction in hybridization and grotesque. However corbels and Savini demonstrate against classical iconography, a love and familiarity that prevents any cloying degeneration and suggests a free hand but respectful coexistence." - Galleria Rubin via Google Translate


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