Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Micah Schippa

Micah Schippa

Work from his Tools@Hand.

Schippa's statement is among the shortest I have seen (I am interested in translation between analog & digital, hand and machine.). Following an ongoing trend of techno-kitsch revival in new media, Schippa presents us with something that is familiar but at the same time inaccessible and foreign. His works are an examination of our emotional relationship with technology, while also serving as an experiment with accessibility, nostalgia, and our willingness to interact with techno-referrential art emotionally. This is where I find these types of works to be most compelling. They function virally and viscerally, but the art as object, rather than reproduction, is antithetical in process to their function as reproduced artworks. These particular images raise conceptual issues that the woven pieces cannot. While the tapestries address the idea present in his statement, their reproductions address far larger and more compelling concepts.

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