Friday, May 28, 2010

Will Rogan

Will Rogan

Work from his oeuvre.

"At the foundation of Will Rogan’s practice is a modesty unique within the field of contemporary art. A consequence of this modesty is the multi-media nature of his oeuvre - exhibitions typically consisting of works executed in film, photography, sculpture and on paper with no apparent hierarchy or importance allotted to a specific media. In apparent contradiction to this abundance of material is the seeming ease with which Rogan creates without adding things to the world. Sharing both post-conceptualism’s sense of humor as well as, to some extent, a notion of classical conceptual dematerialization, Rogan primarily relies upon the everyday to provide material of wonder. Casually placed objects and signs are photographed with an eye focused on their inherent contextual strangeness, artists tools, particularly the camera, become unfamiliar when, self referentially, they focus back upon themselves in a related media and incongruous actions manage to retain their incongruity when orchestrated and documented by Rogan. An economy of means becomes an abundance in Rogan’s work as an engagement with the quotidian serves as the foundation for his practice." - text via Misako & Rosen.

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