Sunday, May 16, 2010

Allison Davies

Allison Davies

Work from Outerland.

"In Outerland, her debut collaboration with Charles Lane Press, Davies reveals for the first time her personal work of more than a decade. Portraying herself as a solitary wanderer in the spectacular vistas of alien worlds, she appears only obliquely in her images, veiled in a spacesuit of her own design. As Davies traverses the beautiful but deadly topography of Outerland, her purpose is unclear. What is the meaning of the strange insignia on her suit? Are the instruments she carries with her – and with which she subtly alters the landscape – for science or survival? Where exactly is Outerland, if it is not in fact a harsh and dystopian vision of our own planet deep in the future? Presented without text or explanation of any kind, and with only a handful of mysterious symbols to help us orient ourselves in Davies’ imagined cosmos, Outerland offers a compelling new perspective on self-portraiture within the continuum of modern landscape photography." - via WIPNYC

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