Monday, April 19, 2010

Laura Brothers

Laura Brothers

Work from her website / pseudonym Out_4_Pizza.

Laura Brothers, in a sense, doesn't exist. Her net identity is abstract, aloof, and remarkably uninformative to the "casual" net-art public. This mystery is a great part of the appeal of her work, in her pseudo-anonymity, she plays the role of cultural curator or vernacular archivist re-imagining the past from a very specific  MS-Paint / retro-futuristic / 8-bit-wonderland aesthetic. Brothers' work is a constant barrage of cultural references, nostalgic re-imaginings, and aesthetic updates of the internet in its infancy, most of which seem just barely out of reach yet immensely tangible at the same time. The visceral accessibility and references to our cultural memory that she employs (seemingly without effort) facilitate an understanding of and a relationship with the work that constantly eludes understanding yet, somehow is unquestionably familiar.

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