Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catherine Leutenegger

Catherine Leutenegger

Work from Hors-Champ.

"“Hors-Champ” (”Off-camera”) is an invitation to discover a place that often remains unknown: where photographs are made—workshops and studios, darkrooms, development and print labs. The work behind the illusion so meticulously crafted by photographers in their studios is indeed rarely revealed. The realization of this project arises from a personal desire to explore, behind-the-scenes, the world of professionals in the photography field in my region, at a point in time when, obviously, photography is undergoing a deep change both in its technical aspects and its esthetical ones. In this digitalized age, what really occurs behind-the-scenes? What will become of studios and traditional photo labs? “Off-camera” is an homage to photography, its history and to the creators of images, and encourages the viewer to reflect on the future of this medium of communication." - Catherine Leutenegger

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