Friday, December 11, 2009

Klara Källströms

Klara Källströms

Work from Gingerbread Monument.

"Gingerbread Monument is the photographer Klara Källströms debut book and an experiment in what a photography book can be. Besides only displaying the taken photographs alot of focus was put into the images that are yet to come. Images the photographer wishes to take in the future. The empty surfaces are spaces where the observer can project there own images but it also represents spaces that will be filled in book nr 2. To stress that these images are of great importance the surfaces have been laquered. The title directly refers to the last image in the book however, the book may also be seen as a monument of three years work.To communicate the sense of a monument roman numbers were used for the page numbering, a custom made typography was drawn and a hand made marbelized paper was created. The last part of the book consist of poems by poet Viktor Johansson. Every poem is written fråm a specific spread in the book - from a image or an empty space." - Marika Vaccino Andersson

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