Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gustav Gustafsson

Gustav Gustafsson

Work from 24 Photographs (Mostly).

"Evasive and mysterious, Gustav Gustafsson, is a talented young Swede who does not abide by scholastic philosophy. Maybe this is the key to understanding his work, a photographic investigation which is driven by its significance rather than technique, which ironically bends a certain Scandinavian tradition. His project on “Reduced Visibility” is probably the most striking example of this. Amidst the white perfection his pictures are indirect portrayals which assert themselves not so much for what they are but for what they evoke. By capturing the fog which impairs our vision engulfing the horizons and trace of snow-covered fields, Gustafsson reminds us that the countryside is not an icon, but is in constant change, suggesting that we should look beyond the physical state and appreciate its spiritual and supernatural character." - via Urbanautica

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