Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric

Work from (>'.')>=O____l_*__O=<('.'<), 2012 and Touch My Body (Green Screen Version).

"The presence of Oliver Laric the following month, with a show featuring three of his video works, 50 50 2008, ↓ ↑, and Touch My Body (Green Screen Version) presented a second generation of new media artists according to Pieroni, explaining, “Oliver feels like a child of BEIGE, that he is walking on the ground Cory Arcangel and Paul B. Davis laid out for him.” Touch My Body (Green Screen Version) eliminated everything in Mariah Carey’s music video except the chanteuse herself, replacing the background with a green screen. Once uploaded to the internet, users were able to freely remix the video, resulting in some curious and entertaining recycling of the original clip. This sort of crowd-sourcing aesthetic was also apparent in 50 50 2008, a bricolaged-sing-along video of anonymous people chanting to one of 50 Cents’ hits. Laric perfects a technique that had been drafted by his predecessors: “This is a kind of YouTube modernism, dedicated to refining a specific idea or medium to its ultimate point” explains Pieroni. By using two identifiable pop references, it addresses itself to a new audience acclimated to a YouTube interface, and thus highlights the rapidly evolving, ephemeral nature of new media art. The immediate accessibility the site provides allows an unprecedented amalgam of content - from mainstream pop to obscure references – and is a product of Laric’s generation more than Davis’. This infinite database, evenly formatted to a short clip format, disrupts a cultural hierarchy and thus blurs lines between audience groups." - Alice Pfeiffer for Rhizome

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