Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lacey Terrell

Lacey Terrell

Work from Offset.

"In this series, I have used my experience as a still photographer on motion pictures as a starting point, but have turned my camera away from the action – off set. Slipping behind the metaphoric curtain of center stage, I will look back at the constructed reality being played out, or wander into uninhabited areas. I am intrigued by where the artifice of movie making and the ‘real’ intermingle. As I hunt for images that occupy this space, I become a flâneur of sorts; a solitary figure roaming the outskirts of the location, studying the spectacle before me, yet looking for things unnoticed by others. In this realm, I have the freedom to capture the unscripted: authentic moments found within the contrived environment of a stage set, images that feature traces of the artifice being created in real-world locations, and quirky details normally hidden just out of frame. Re-contexualizing these images, I create my own mysterious slivers of narrative that highlight the overlooked, the unexpected, and the poetic." - Lacey Terrell

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