Monday, April 6, 2009

Daniel Eatock


Daniel Eatock

Work from Quarter Mile Groove (video), Closed Loops, and Best Before October 26, 2008. Eatock's site is a massive database of work that should be perused at leisure.


Quarter Mile Groove

"The recording translates the length of its vinyl groove into audio allowing listeners to experience the 1/4 mile length of the spiral as the record is played. Every inch of the needle’s path is audible in the form of a click, each foot as a beat and distances of 10 feet are heard as a blip. These sounds gradually slow as the stylus approaches the center, (the stylus travels less distance in the groove with each revolution of the record). Along the way, the voice of the narrator mentions the horizontal dimensions of particular objects."


Closed Loops

"...examples of a burgeoning collection that enact a form of circular, if not familiar frustration induced by the conflicting imperatives of consumer packaging and product safety."


Best Before October 26, 2008

"This work documents a collection of seemingly random, mass produced
consumer items unified by each product’s expiration date, October 26, 2008, a day which coincided with the closing date of the exhibition Daniel Eatock: Extra Medium.

The first of the two photographs documenting the collection as exhibited was taken in the gallery on the day of expiration. The second photograph was taken the day following the expiration date.

Items donated by:
James Robert Edward Boynton (UK) - Honey Roasted Ham & Dijon Mustard Crisps
Casey Brooks (USA) - Aunt Millie’s Bratwurst Rolls
Juliet Hoffman (USA) - Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies
Ugolini Marco (Netherlands) - Roze Koeken Cakes
Elisa Platteau (Belgium) - Mokabon Coffee and Gevulde and Lekkernijen Cakes
James Rosenthal (USA) - Little Debbie Apple Pie
Serra Tansel (UK) - Marks and Spencers Wafer-Thin Ox Tongue"

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