Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Michael Love

Michael Love

Work from the projects, Self Portrait with Rifle, and the Library Appropriation Project. I bumped into his website today, and he may just be one of my new favorite artists. Good job Canada.

Statement from Library Appropriation Project below, statement from Self Portrait with Rifle attached to image above (done by me for formatting) and here.

" In the Library Appropriation Project I continue with the theme of appropriated space. Instead of strict documentation, I create machetes inside of books to be placed in the library. Unexpected discovery of the inserted art objects creates a rupture for the viewer doing research. Not only do I appropriate the function and space of the library, but I also appropriate history and the subjects that are meant to be found in the books I have chosen. The function the library is temporarily negated, bringing into question the predetermined form of this structure. "

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