Friday, March 20, 2009

Erin Tyner

Erin Tyner

Work from the series Half Awake. I cam across Tyner's work on the Hey Hot Shot contenders blog, and once again (as with Lori Nix) I am very very glad I quit working with scale-models before I saw this work, because it is far more sucessful than I ever was with models (hence the reason I quit). I enjoy the quite narrative feel that these images have, there is a subtlety to the tension in them that really pulls it together.

"In my Half Awake series I construct scenes by combining household items, natural objects, and train figures under one inch in height. By pairing figures and context I create characters that are engaged with an unfolding narrative. I use dioramas to provide a voyeuristic peek into the vulnerability of each subject as they reflect upon their surroundings. Minimal yet familiar settings leave room to focus on emotions, grand or small, that often get lost in the minutiae of daily life."

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