Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brad Farwell

Brad Farwell

Work from the series Lottery. I also reccommend An African Mask Looks at Sites of American Blackness and Fourth, the Tourists. Farwell's Lottery work reminds me of Nikki S. Lee, who I guess I will have to post tomorrow, because it is awesome.

"Large, vision-filling photographs, minutely detailed, with rectangles of metallic silver ink silkscreened over the images. The rectangles have the texture and color of scratch-off lottery tickets. The rectangles obscuring something or someone. The photographs flattening out, dropping from deep space to simple surface.
I'm interested in the photograph as a 2-D object, in the seen and the unseen, in our investment in what we cannot see, our demands for surveillance and the belief that if we just had all the information we could be safe. I want to create a photograph where the image is an explicit construction, created in the mind's eye of the viewer, filling in the holes in the document. The substance that we create, the individual and unique internal photograph, is the real image."

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